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Farming Consultancy

Opel's agriculture brand NOWA Farms is India's leading end-to- end Hydroponic Solutions Provider. From setting up of Turnkey Projects, to Undertaking O&M, and Marketing Hydroponic Produce through our vast network, we support our clients from Seed to Fruit. Click here to read more...

BPO Services

Opel has the expertise and manpower to provide end-to-end contact centre solutions like Inbound, Outbound, Chat, E-mail and Multi Channel Digital support across all social media networks. The company also specializes in rendering comprehensive and niche support services for e-commerce via chat, email and contact centres providing both online and offline support, tracking status, returns and refunds, grievance redressals, logistics, etc.

The contact centre offerings are unique in their value additions and tower over the rest in the customized IVR solutions that is designed and built based on the in-depth understanding of the client industry, operations, needs and requirements. The IVR is superior in functionality and intuitive to differentiate between support and sales and route the calls accordingly for faster turnaround times, and for high quality and satisfied caller experience.

Opel has been rendering exceptional e-commerce contact centre solutions and is today a name to reckon with in the industry as a "Reliable and Value Added Service Provider". It has the capability of taking over the entire operations beginning at General Enquiry, shopping assistance through to returns, logistics and delivery. In addition to Inbound, Outbound calls are also placed to customers for status updates, information gathering, etc.

There are clearly defined SOP's for maintaining consistency in the services and contact centre procedures. Practices as detailed in the ISO 9001:2015 model and carefully implemented to render impeccable quality services to the clients.

Opel partners with multiple software solutions providers like Drishti Software Solutions and VIS Networks to provide the choicest and most viable call centre solutions to its clients.

E-Governance Services

 E-governance is the buzz word being chanted across India. Major objectives behind being the opening up of government processes and enabling greater public access to information. Convenience (Location and Time) and shorter waiting period for getting the citizen benefits and services is the business of On-Line delivery services. In addition, greater transparency resulting in reduced administrative corruption is what an e-governance systems leads to.
The rural population is typically dependent on a range of government services:

  • Information on employment in government projects;
  • Customized information such as land records and birth certificates
  • Approvals, such as for ‘below poverty line’ status
  • Grievance redressal - health, education, entitlement and other social services;
  • Mandatory Services - taxation, updating land and population databases;
  • Exchange Services - postal, banking and utility services.

Issues such as lack of awareness among intended beneficiaries, the limited use or absence of technology and the fact that a handful of corrupt officials control access and oversee the distribution of public records and funds, result in government services not reaching the end citizen. Another important deterrent for the average rural individual to avail government benefits is the fact that the onus is on the citizen to understand what government benefits he is eligible for. Various initiatives are being attempted by State governments across the country to deliver benefits to the rural mass. Unstable and inefficient communication infrastructure across the rural areas and lack of skilled manpower for maintenance; non-availability of relevant content that can be easily consumed by the common man and underdeveloped human capacities (literacy, social position etc) to harness and sustain the initiatives are the challenges faced by the administration.
OPEL Consulting is keen and working hard in addressing the skilled manpower requirement for delivering the citizen services to the rural masses. In this regard, we take up local capable untrained resources and train them to deliver the government planned initiatives to their next door neighbors. We have been successful in doing the same and have developed 10000+ plus people across AP, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu who are certified and capable of delivering the e-governance initiatives like Biometric Enrollments, Demographic Data Collection, Hand Held Based Census enumeration in projects like UIDAI, NPR, RSBY, SECC Census etc.

  • Experience of reaching out to 4 million households for citizens Survey till date
  • Experience of enrolling 5 million people for projects like UID and NPR
  • 100+ years of operational experience by the project managers
  • Presence across 9 states
  • Have running projects across 23 districts of Karnataka
  • Have a network of 10000 people
  • Have successfully trained 2000 plus people as a part of the NSDC STAR program
  • One of the consortium partners of State Govt. of Karnataka, IIMB, Gumbi Software and BSNL in the SAME – A Tele Education Pilot in 1000 schools across 18 Districts of Karnataka with a Primary Responsibility to Perform Pre-Qualification Survey Capturing – Geo Coordinates, Photographs along with a Questionnaire capturing the detailed information of Location, Demographics, Infrastructure , Communication and Power. Preparing the site for Infrastructure Implementation, Logistics, Installation and Commissioning, SLA commitment of having the 99% Uptime of the infrastructure and monitoring the classes. Coordination for assessments across 2000 schools across 18 Districts of Karnataka

Software Development Services

Software development is an area where most software development firms stop and Opel Consulting begins. We have extensive domain knowledge and industry experience to develop any niche software applications that customer demands.

At Opel Consulting, we believe in technology driving down costs and driving efficiency for ourselves and for our customers. Technology driven business processes can be beneficial in many ways, by cutting costs, reducing error rates, saving time and the hassle of having to employ and pay large number of people. Our focus is funnelled on web based and cloud enabled architecture.

At OPEL we understand the business challenges and practical pain areas and our domain experts empathize the customer pain points and are efficient in providing solution that reduces the mundane tasks and automates the repetitive tasks.

Our Developed Solutions:

  • Disease out Break and Vaccinations Management Information System for Department of Animal Husbandry, Bangalore
  • Online Pre- Examinations Management Solution for Scholar Ship Examination RegistrationDept. of State Education Research and Training, Karnataka.
  • Implementation and Management of Learning Management System

Training and Development Services

The setting up of our Training and Development was triggered by the increasing demand of trained manpower for the jobs created in various sectors as a result of our various e-governance initiatives. From being a pilot programme offered for data digitization sector, today we are in this space skilling various NSDC identified skill like BPO, KPO, Aggrotech.

Our model is based on the addressing the needs of the Industry and is therefore focused on making students work ready. We also work extensively with other key stakeholders – Government, Private Companies (funder and employers), Foundations, and International Bodies, Trainees and Parents - creating a vibrant mix of sponsored and self-paid programmes with a singular objective of matching youth to jobs or self employment opportunities.

In collaboration with Academy for Computer Training Gujarat, using their Words Worth English Lab Solution we train English Language Proficiency Skills. Working together in Training Spoken English and Language Skills for the Pre- Metric Hostel Students run by Social Welfare Department of Karnataka

Contact Details


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Phone: 080 23111884